Friday, March 10, 2017

run to the pub attire!

Tomorrow is the run to the pub.  i have done a virtual race or two this year, but this will be my first in real life race this year.  I normally run the half, however i was supposed to run the SnowJoke again so i only registered for the 10k this year.  We are currently receiving snow squalls and it is supposed to be windy which makes the already icy roads extra crappy to drive on, so I am hoping by tomorrow it will have cleared up some...  I wanted to share my makes for the race.  i bought the sparkly material two years ago but didn't end up running the race that year and forgot about the fabric and ribbons i had bought last year, and found the package of goodies around christmas time this year.  Better late than never, i guess!!

I ordered a fun tee from Etsy, and made these hair clips and sparkly skirt to wear over some leggings. the skirt was fun and easy to make and I'm sure there will be more colors in my future! :) 

is anyone else running a st. patrick's day race?  Costumes?  i must say, i love the bows--they are glued onto these excellent alligator clips that stay put.  i attempted to wear a fun headband with whirligig pinwheels one year, and those F-ers just kept bonking me in the face/eye/ear and so about half a mile into the race they were launched into the ditch.

i am also very happy i hit up one of the running skirts sales and purchased some ice breaker gear.  i will definitely be sporting my long sleeved top under my tee.  i love the super soft fleece on the inside.  wishing fast and non-slipping-on-ice feet to all!!!

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