Wednesday, July 25, 2012

whirlwind week

This week has been sooo busy but AMAZING!  Last Wednesday my tempo run was a surprising success.  Usually i struggle with those workouts and my mind goes to a dark, lonely, SLOOOOOOW place.  I really needed this workout to be a positive since i needed to keep the spirit up for the half marathon on saturday. This was to be my second attempt at seeding for the Chicago marathon.  I chose the first race poorly--a two mile uphill start and then to single track trail, lots more hills, etc.  It was very fun--but I didn't meet my goal; i missed it by 4 minutes.

Saturday was, however, a SUCCESS!  Both Britton and I were able to make our goal time with 49 seconds to spare!! :)  That race was the farthest he has run to date.  WAY TO GO B!  I also placed third for women at the event--woot woot!  And yes, there were more than three--there were 20 something women.

I am feeling really strong and really ready for each workout on my training plan--that is a wonderful feeling.  I love the variety of our NWM2012 training plan--including NTC and yoga, etc. it keeps your body stretched and fresh. 

last night we had another softball game.  if you have been reading or you know me, you know this causes me the most anxiety.  i am unsure why--i am not bad--just not natural at it.  my only saving grace is I am fast.  i can almost always get on base.  We make the bad news bears look phenomenal.  

until last night.

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a unique achievement for us because all but one of our guys were GONE!  we had subs that we had never played with before and it was our BEST game!  GO GIRL POWER!!!! :)  when i came home to tell hubbee (who started/coordinated our team) that we won--he didn't believe me. (ya--we are that bad...).  We also won by a lot: 14-7!!!!!!! Go TEAM TOTAL ELECTRIC.  

Also yesterday i had to run 6.5 miles and do NTC since mondays run was only just shy of 3 due to bad weather and scary coyotes.  But the run was GREAT! I ran at about 8'20"-8'30" and it felt awesome.  Having the 2 workouts and the game I had a stellar fuel day.  Today, my #SistersInNike are all going for 4500!!  

This is a non-sequitor, but I have been thinking about it all week.  I did not have an issue with turning 35. (thats my age!) but several of my friends and/or clients are struggling with their turning that this summer.  I am so happy to not be having issues with that age marker--I have just been keeping on keeping on--trying to challenge myself and work hard.  And it has paid off.  For example, this amazing experience with Nike, which has lead to amazing friendships, happy family, successful business and so much more to look forward.  I always said as a kid I wanted to be the 92 year old lady in the Nike ad... here she comes!! :)

Thanks to my family, friends and Nike for showing me my path.

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