Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back at it!

Then it was time to head into city proper and surprise Larry!! 
Rehmer's had a great dinner at Harry Caray's and it was excellent!

I was looking forward to my leftovers however I gave them to a gentleman on our way back to the hotel...
Friday was Ben's birthday and we trekked to the cubs game.
We had a message put on the scoreboard "Happy Birthday Dad and Ben, Love Team Rehmer" I didn't get a great pic but it was AWESOME!!!!
Then Saturday was an architectural boat tour and saturday night was Jimmy Buffet.  We surprised Larry (again) with a limo.
It was a great trip!  We arrived back in Montana late late late sunday night and back to the grind.  I have had some fun runs this week and NTC workouts.   I am loving being in training and so excited to improve my running!
Today is the fourth of july and my training calls for a 3 miler.  Looking forward to it and i am going to do some yoga!!!
Happy Fourth EVERYONE!
ohhhhh i forgot--my fave purchase were some adorable Nike shorts with Cubs logo!


  1. what an exciting trip!
    awesome b-day greeting...ahhh too bad couldn't zoom in closer...ah well I'm sure he loved it.

    Keeeeyute shorts!

    1. thanks!! it was all very fun--just sort of a whirlwind though. Two trips back to back and very little sleeping time--but it was worth it!