Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday another package arrived from Nike. I had received an email from ups that it was to arrive on Thursday, however, then an amended email was sent that it would arrive on Friday.  I was like a child at Christmas.  Poor UPS guy probably thinks i am weirdo... ah... maybe i am.
There is A FUEL BAND!!  i have been wanting one so badly for such a time now and Niketown in chicago was closed so I planned on ordering one and viola: here it is!  Plus the tempo twisted shorts that match my Nike Free Training shoes perfectly, an awesome tank with mesh back, a great dri-fit tee, super cute sports bra with mesh back, a long sleeve dri-fit top with mesh shoulders--it is the softest fabric ever, and some bright pink dri fit capris that say "just do it" when you fold the waist band.  All of this stuff is AWESOME!  

Last week I entered that Lunge Jump Challenge #gameonworld and WON!  So Nikewomen asked for a photo in new duds performing challenge.  Hubbee was recruited to help:
These are the twisted Tempo Shorts--amazing and cute as heck! And the tank has a mesh back--it is soft and comfy and breathes!
ya--our grass died while we were gone for the ten days... it was 90+ everyday and no water... it is slowly coming back.  
I also have a client that is writing an article on my Nike experience so we met the other night to take some pics.  I was wearing the last tank they sent that has mesh panels and my other fave nike capris with mesh behind the knees. 
Not too shabby sights I get to see when i run outside... 
This pic was posted on twitter from the lunge jump challenge--how cool is that? and my fellow #SisterInNike @TiaraBeth represented as well:
I am so excited for this fuel band.  I love things that motivate me--and sometimes it can be simply a new pair of socks or a head band, whatever gets my rear in gear. 
Today is my "long" run so I am pumped to see how I rack up the fuel.  

On another note:  my sister in law is engaged!!!  woohoo!  Jaclyn and Matt have been dating for quite some time and he proposed while they were here for a visit! 
THis is Jaclyn's (also known as Jake) favorite eatery in town, and Matt proposed here!  I am thrilled for them--Matt is a wonderful guy and the two seem to bring out the best in one another.  They will make a great team!

It has been an exciting time around here!  Now I must go hit the trail!!!
Hope everyone is having a fun weekend and doing something they enjoy!  I want to come home and do some sewing after my run!  maybe another post later?!?! ;)

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