Sunday, July 15, 2012

SundayFunday and a healthy dose of perspective

Today I went on a fun yet steep mountain bike ride with the Hubbee.  It was supposed to be my rest day, but he is not in the best of shape so I knew it would not be too challenging (no offense to Hubs, he rallied!).  It was very pretty where we rode, and smelled so good.  It is a new access and a GREAT trail.
We rode 2 miles up and gained about 1000 feet elevation.  The downhill was a scream--literally in some places for me.

Then it was off to a family bbq--hence the sundayfunday--I am in love with Lienenkugel's Summer Shandy beer--delish!
This is Julie, Ben's cuz's wife.  I am the one with the teeth.  It was a relaxing day after the ride and we had yummy chicken shish kebobs with pineapple and peppers.

After completing Leah Kims yoga for #NTC, I just planned out my week of training workouts and meals--no more summer shandy for me until after the half marathon on Saturday!!!  :)
We still have softball. the season lasts through august, and that is stressing me and making for some late nights. I am planning to attempt running in the am to make sure I complete the runs.  As I was stressing over my schedule, however,  I remembered Tuesday I am doing volunteer massages for Eagle Mount.  That is a local charity that aids those with disabilities and/or terminal illnesses.  Tuesday will be working on young adults with cancer.  It made me feel as though my gripe about "where will i fit in my runs?" seem downright silly.  At least I can run... right? and my only issue with it is simply when... nothing like some perspective.
Cancer has impacted the lives of several of my loved ones, and I have done several runs to benefit various organizations related to cancer and run several races in honor of loved ones.  When I feel as though I am struggling at a run or race i think about those for whom i am also running.  

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