Wednesday, July 11, 2012

many miles and more to go!

In the middle of Week 3 in training for Chicago full and Nike San Fran Women's half.  I am loving being in training.  i love being able to check off a completed task.  The start of this training plan is somewhat lighter than what I have been doing and at first it made me a bit nervous.  I do, however, want to start with a strong, fresh, recovered body so maybe lightening the load is good--i have been running faster than before! :)

I accepted the challenge to see how many jumping lunges you can do in 30 seconds by Nike:
This is the video of me completing 43/44 in 30 seconds.  I do not go as high as some of the challengers but I get low... im not gonna lie: I LOVE LUNGES!!!!!!!!!  When done consistently they significantly improve one's running.  I do variations of them almost every day.

I also have set up a challenge on Nike+ to run 75 miles in 3 weeks... however when the goal started it didn't include two runs for whatever reason... Want to join in ? Or set up your own challenge? let me know!

My next race is on July 21st--a half marathon to attempt for the SECOND time to get seeded start in chicago.  The first race I chose was VERY hilly.  it was fun but I missed seeding by 4 minutes. I am okay with that--I still won a cool watch at the race and had a blast!! :)

On this weeks training agenda: 6 miles today, NTC tomorrow, yoga or dance fri, and 7 mile saturday with hills or trail. ON IT! I have been adding a bit of yoga and pilates for some added stretching.  I had some heel pain last week and don't want to experience that again. I would step out of bed onto the hardwood floor and it felt as though I was being stabbed in the heel. miserable.  I iced and rolled on a golf ball and have been better about stretching so I think we are a-okay if I stay on top of my stuff!! 

I am also having anxiety because we used to have all the networks on our tv without subscribing to satellite, however, lately they are not coming in and THE OLYMPICS ARE BEGINNING SOOOOOOON!!!!  I am trying to convince hubbee we need satellite (out of city limits can't do cable). but if anyone knows where to watch online please be so kind as to let me know???

Hope everyone has a great week!  Train Hard!

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