Sunday, July 22, 2012

Half Marathon for Seeding attempt

Yesterday I ran the Headwaters Half Marathon with hopes of making the time of 1:50:59 so that i can enter for a seeded start in Chicago.  A friend who is also doing the Chicago Marathon ran with me.  We started slow and steady--sort of--the first mile was fast 8:00, and i knew we needed to be at 8:23 steady for race to qualify. We slowed it down a bit, then the last two miles we sped up again and just skimmed by with 1:50!!  but we did it! We can now enter for seeding! woohoo! i feel as though a weight has been lifted.  I also felt pretty good that Britton, who Sonya keeps telling me is "fast" didn't smoke me--we definitely pulled one another through--which to me is the point of running with others.  I had some great workouts this past week that mentally helped me prepare for this half.  I hit my tempo run with success and logged the miles and did my NTC.  This coming week the mileage is beginning to increase--I am ready!

The rest of my saturday was spent rafting on the yellowstone river.  it was GORGEOUS!  

I am so sad about the Aurora shooting at the theater.  At our very small, local theater, they did a midnight showing as well.  Apparently two men ended up in a fist fight and the police were called.  what is with this movie???