Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope eveyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year!  I have been having a great holiday.  The weekend before Christmas Sunny and I went to Big Sky for the second annual Tony Horton Weekend.  It was a blast.  I loved the workouts and it snowed the entire time we were up there.  If you have been following along, you know I was shocked last year to discover I loved Tony.  He has a great philosophy and is very approachable and inclusive to everyone. 
It was fun to see some of the people from last year and to plan on seeing them again next!  Tony has several "nuggets" and my favorite is "Aging is for idiots."  Having just had a birthday, this one resonates with me.

I had only done one P90X workout with Sunny before we went to this event last year, and I haven't done any since, however I think I am going to invest in P90X3.  This weekends workouts were great.  It incorporated yoga, pilates, martial arts, balance, range of motion, endurance, flexibility, strength, isometrics.  It was fantastic!  We are already looking forward to next year!

We had Christmas at our new house.  It was mellow and quite enjoyable, with Ryan (aka: Sherpa) and the in-laws.  We had brunch, opened presents and then had resties and then had a dinner and played games.  
Tubbs loves meal time... even ours!

The day after christmas is my BIRTHDAY!! :)  We went to Showdown and skied.  It was EXCELLENT!  the snow was amazing and it was sunny and warm.  Then we had a yahtzee tourney!!
Also, the new studio is really coming along.  It is quite exciting!  Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of '13 and looking forward to '14!

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