Wednesday, December 4, 2013

staying on track

So we are in full on holiday mode at our house.  We had company for the long weekend and had a fabulous thanksgiving dinner, then a festive fondue birthday party for my mother in law.  To stay on a somewhat healthy track I made sure to get in at least a few miles running and to do NTC.  
Turkey day dinner!
Colleen's bday party!

I have been trying to make the time for exercise--not trying to find it.  I have been putting it in my planner, just like I schedule my clients.  I need it during this time of year more for piece of mind, than to stave off calories.  Today it is a balmy 0 with the windchill making it feel sub 20... i will be hitting the treadmill and doing NTC.  If you have yet to download this FREE App--you must get on it!  You need minimal to no equiptment and minimal space.  For me, it is great to not have to "think" i simply do what they say and keep moving. 

What tips do you have to stay motivated through this hectic time of year?

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