Thursday, December 19, 2013

what will 2014 bring?

I am trying to remain low-key on the whole schedule for 2014 races.  The past few years I have been go-go-go and I wanted to get back to the basics, heal (shin still bugs me once in a while) and have the room to try new things and get back at things that were put on the back burner during all the marathon training (Ethyl [name of my mtn bike], i hope you still love me).  I am, however, scheduled to run the Yellowstone Half Marathon in June, and I signed up for the RRCA running coach certification course in May.  I have been wanting to take this course for years but the ones near me filled very quickly. I will also be running Bloomsday again! woohoo!!

My family is supposed to come out for the Missoula half in July, and that would be GREAT! 

What is on your agenda?  Big plans? PR's? 

This year has been a whirlwind of changes with the new house, building new studio (almost done) that I wanted to take a year to slow it down and then get back at it.  

To end off 2013 I am going back to Big Sky for the Tony Horton weekend, with Sunny.  I am very excited for the getaway!  

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