Thursday, December 5, 2013

i think i should write a book...

Actually, I think I should write two books.  one book about fitness/wellness/etc.  I would like to call it (now please don't be offended), "Moderfuckingration".  This is one is in the works already.  The other day, however, I heard one of the most oxy-moronic (is that a word? eh, I am good at making this sh*t up apparently!) things.  There was a ton of traffic on our street, which is only two blocks long and only a few residences.  I walked outside to see what the dogs were freaking out about and a lady was parking in my drive way and she began walking across the street.  After convincing her (and yes, i had to convince her) that she couldn't park behind MY vehicle in MY driveway to go to a different house's yard sale.  I called my husband to tell him about it and he says, "oh yeah.  The ESTATE SALE AT THE DOUBLE WIDE."  if you don't find the humor/audacity in this quote, then I do not recommend you read the book, or probably either book.  I was cracking up and running for pencil and paper.  This was precious to me.  

Back to the first book:  I am a personal trainer, pilates instructor and massage therapist and I have heard some of the most asinine excuses from people.  Rubbish.  I am working on a book that is readable, doable and about making appropriate life changes.  

The second book I would like to be an entertaining book of anecdotes.  I have had some random, hilarious events in my years and several friends have mentioned that if they weren't present, they wouldn't believe me and I should be working on a book.  I live in a funky, artsy, western, financially diverse town where they have estate sales at double wides.  I can't make this up people!  And I feel as though it should be documented!!  

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